At the next traffic light after the one in front of the European house, turn left. We also have computers in every classroom. We offer rich educational programmes for children from 3 years old to Grade 12. The school received a subsidy from the government for making effective use of local lumber in the building. The East Building completed in 2016 , is a mirror image of the West Building, and is made of Japanese cedar and cypress from the local area. This will give you a chance to meet the teachers, see the facilities, and ask questions about the curriculum. At the first intersection with a traffic signal Misaka Shinden Nishi, 三坂新田西 , turn left east. Our mission describes the nature of our school community and serves as the basis for our school programmes. 3 西町インターナショナルスクール 東京都 港区) 幼・小・中等部 WASC Western Association of Schools and Colleges , CIS Council of International Schools 認可校 英語だけでなく日本語もしっかりとフォローしています。 Take the road on the right at the fork and merge onto Highway 294, travelling south. You can read more about the , and you can download our and term overviews on the PYP, MYP, and DP pages. There is a traffic light just after the European house. offers a balanced mixture of urban amenities and rural delights. Read an or learn about our. You will see a European Tudor-style house on your left just after the road narrows to two lanes. レッスンチケット プリスクール 1回 3回券 5回券 4,510円 (現金払い) 12,870円 (1回あたり4,290円) 20,350円 (1回あたり4,070円)• If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to in English or Japanese. Travel down this road for about 200 meters and you will see the school a huge wooden building on the left. You can also browse information on our and. The road will become smaller, going from 6 lanes, to 4 lanes, and finally 2 lanes. There are only fields around this traffic light. Delia School of Canada 香港• If you are interested in enrolling your child in TIS, please refer to our. 県議補選土浦市区(欠1)当21,579票 高橋 直子 37 歯 科 医 師 無新 12,050票 吉田 直起 39 元代議士秘書 無新 1,189票 赤須理世自 59 無 職 無新 5日午後10時 土浦市選管確定 高橋氏は土浦日大高、日大歯学部を卒業。


We offer a rich educational experience for students from pre-kindergarten age 3 to Grade 12 age 18. From TSUKUBA DIRECTION There is a long east-west running road that divides Tsukuba in half. 英語を話す先生が見守る環境で自然に英語に触れながら、自分のやりたいことに没頭する Work Time は Kids Creation Afterschool の柱の一つです。 We have been authorized to offer the PYP since 2011, the MYP since 2014, and the DP since 2017. We also have certified teachers for our Japanese language programs language acquisition, language and literature. When our school community came together to define our new school mission statement in February 2017, we came up with the following words to describe our values and hopes for our students. TIS was founded in September 1992 to provide an international education in English to students in the Tsukuba area. The wooden structure gives the school an at-home feeling that is very different from typical concrete school buildings. Travel down this road for about 200 meters and you will see the school a huge wooden building on the left. There are only fields around this traffic light. The school provides students with accounts to learning sites such as , which lets them record themselves reading books aloud and send the resulting file to their teachers, and , an interactive math site used by more than 10,000 schools around the world. 10 白馬インターナショナルスクール(長野県 白馬村) 中・高等部 国際バカロレア資格(International Baccalaureate『IB』 参加校 2020年開校予定。 We hire certified teachers with native or native-level English fluency. Continue on this Route until you reach Route 123 fourth intersection with a traffic light. IB World Schools share a common philosophy—a commitment to high quality, challenging, international education. Travel down this road for about 200 meters and you will see the school a huge wooden building on the left. You will see a European Tudor-style house on your left just after the road narrows to two lanes. 4 清泉インターナショナルスクール 東京都 世田谷区) 幼・小・中・高等部の女子校 ECIS European Council of International Schools 認可校, 国際バカロレア資格(International Baccalaureate『IB』 参加校 5 セントメリーズ・インターナショナルスクール(東京都 世田谷区) 幼・小・中・高等部の男子校 WASC Western Association of Schools and Colleges 認可校, 国際バカロレア資格(International Baccalaureate『IB』 参加校 清泉インターナショナルスクールとセントメリーズ・インターナショナルスクールには共有校舎があります。


From TSUKUBA CHUO Interchange approximately 12 minutes Exit the Ken-oh Expressway at Tsukuba Chuo. As the school is located in the far west of Tsukuba, we have that pick students up from a variety of convenient locations in and around Tsukuba. There are no classes on Saturdays or Sundays. During any part of this process, please feel free to if you have any questions. 週2回:6か月以上 / 週3回以上:3か月以上 対象年齢 3歳~就学前のお子様 入園時期 年2回 4月と9月に入園できます。 日米の高校卒業資格が得られる 四谷インターナショナルスクールや、男子校の セントメリーズ・インターナショナルスクール、女子校の 清泉インターナショナルスクールや 聖心女子学院聖心インターナショナルスクールがあります。


At the next traffic light after the one in front of the European house, turn left. Work Time とは Kids Creation Afterschool の Work Time は子ども達が自らやりたいことを自由に選択する時間です。 What can we do for the future? The road will become smaller, going from 6 lanes, to 4 lanes, and finally 2 lanes. You must have a copy of on your computer to make use of this link. Our students make regular trips to the research institutes to learn directly from world-class scientists about the realities of science and the limits of our current understanding of the world. Kids Creation Afterschool では、2000 時間に達するまでの間にも子ども達が「言ってみたい」「話してみたい」と思えるような環境づくりをしていきます。


Our classrooms give teachers the ability to offer various learning environments within one room. We are 学校法人 各種学校 by Ibaraki Prefecture. Take this road west for several kilometers, past Tsukuba Center where Tsukuba Station is , LaLa Garden on the left , Starbucks on the right , and Yamashin Gran Stage on the right. Take the Tsukuba Express line to Banpaku Kinen Koen Station 18. These three programmes represent a full continuum of primary and secondary learning through the framework of the International Baccalaureate IB. 週 2 回の English Class は、世界の子ども達が学んでいる革新的な学習メソッドを取り入れた、新しい時代に適応したプログラムです。

For further information about the IB and its programmes, visit the website. Students in Grade 4 and above are required to to school. Browse our to get an overview of all of the information on this site. TIS is a non-profit, religiously-neutral organization. You can use this form to ask for more information before you decide to go further in the process. Overseas Family School 学費:約16~41シンガポールドル 年間 70ヵ国以上、約3,000人の生徒が在籍しているので、多文化環境で特定の文化に捉われない真の国際教育を提供しているインターナショナルスクールです。 As of 2021, we have 285 students enrolled in the school, representing 33 nationalities Algeria, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Eritrea, France, Ghana, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mongolia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Russia, Rwanda, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States and our staff represent 8 nationalities Australia, Canada, Germany, India, Japan, Philippines, United Kingdom, and United States. Carefully read through the information on this site to determine if Tsukuba International School is a good fit for you and your family. If you are thinking about enrolling your child in Tsukuba International School: Consider attending one of our. The internet is available in every classroom and it is used widely for research, learning activities, and interaction with other students around the world. If you are interested in getting a glimpse into daily life at TIS: Consider following us on. Apply If you have determined that you are interested in having your child enroll at Tsukuba International school, and you have followed the above procedures to determine if your child is eligible to apply, follow the. Since our founding in 1992, we have been dedicated to promoting international-mindedness in the northern Kanto Region. 6 Kインターナショナルスクール東京(東京都 江東区) 幼・小・中・高等部 東京で唯一の国際バカロレア資格(International Baccalaureate『IB』 参加校一貫校。 The City of Tsukuba is an ideal location for an IB World School as it is home to numerous public and private research institutes, such as the AIST , the NIMS , and the KEK , and academic organizations, such as the. The school is located in a forested area and the students have many opportunities to interact with nature in the forest and on our school fields. If you have questions about Tsukuba International School: Get quick answers by looking at our list of or filling out a. 8 インターナショナル・スクール・オブ・アジア軽井沢(長野県 北佐久郡軽井沢町) 高等部 国際バカロレア資格(International Baccalaureate『IB』 参加校 世界中の高校生を対象とした全寮制高校 9 つくばインターナショナルスクール(茨城県 つくば市) 幼・小・中・高等部 国際バカロレア資格(International Baccalaureate『IB』 参加校 pre-kindergarten(3歳)からGrade10(16歳)まで約150名が在学 2015年9月に『国際バカロレア資格(International Baccalaureate『IB』 参加校-国際バカロレア』ディプロマプログラム(DP 候補校に認定(2017年以降に認定見込み) 認定されると日本で5校目の国際バカロレア資格(International Baccalaureate『IB』 一貫校となる。


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